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Zero Halliburton

Thought­fully designed, down to the last zipper

Known for their durable, stylish luggage,
Zero Halliburton wanted to bring modern, lightweight functionality to soft-sided, everyday bags.

The Journal Collection was built around four core priorities: comfort, access, durability, and protection. Bags for daily adventurers who want the pinnacle of both style and function.


Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Liaison
Sourcing / Production Support

The PENSA team skillfully expanded our legacy of innovation and helped us create the next generation of Zero Halliburton icons

— Tom Nelson, President and CEO, Zero Halliburton

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Designed for daily adventures

We approached the design of the Journal line as daily city adventurers, commuters, and travelers. We designed for the person who would appreciate timeless style, clean lines and thoughtful details. Each piece was developed to be ultra-functional, yet subtle, providing its user everything they need with uncompromising sophistication.

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Beautiful, clean and functional

It comes down to the details. In addition to the updated design language which we established with the Pursuit Aluminum line, we focused the Journal collection on four core functional drivers: comfort, access, durability, and protection. Comfort was of utmost concern. Great care was giving to the forms, curvature, materials and padding of straps and handles in order to provide a generous and inviting usability. Durability is provided through tactile, inviting tear-resistant and water-resistant materials. For access, a multitude of pockets and compartments are integrated. Where possible, zippers are blended into other elements of the bags, becoming virtually invisible to support the clean and minimal designs of the bags.

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