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Zero Halliburton

An elevated travel experience

Known for products built on quality, durability, strength, and luxury – this iconic American brand wanted to create a new generation of luggage crafted for the modern traveler.

PENSA worked with Zero Halliburton to create a bold modernization on their classic product. We re-imagined everything from the design of the handle to materials in order to create an elevated experience for the thoughtful traveler.


  • International Design Excellence Award (IDEA) - 2021
  • GOOD DESIGN Award - 2020
  • Fast Co Innovation by Design Award - 2020


Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Liaison
Sourcing / Production Support

Zero Halliburton has managed to add durability without sacrificing style

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Pushing the limits of materials

Zero Halliburton introduced the world to aluminum suitcases in 1938, and their cases are known for legendary protection. Unlike a molded plastic shell, an aluminum case is a formed object. There are things that are possible to do with the material, and there are also limitations. We were determined to push those limitations in order to achieve a beautiful, iconic and sculptural form that takes advantage of the material qualities and creates a stronger and more structural case.

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Durability through invention, prototyping and testing

Through many rounds and iterations of aluminum prototypes, we focused in on geometries that provided stiffness and impact resistance. One of the key and unique elements to this design language is the structural, concave form that runs along all of the edges and corners of the cases. As we tested various geometries we found that this concave edge provided a significant improvement over a traditional bent or rounded geometry when absorbing and protecting against impacts. This form running along the edges is not only functional, but also provides an elegant and recognizable signature element across the Zero Halliburton cases.

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Unique strength, iconic look

All of the details, features, and interactions of the designs were thoughtfully considered. A unique innovation in the new generation of Zero Halliburton products is the lower chassis that is carried across all of the new cases. Unlike typical wheel wells in hard sided luggage, these designs incorporate one-piece, fully integrated, reinforced bases which provide protection to the entire lower portion of the shells and the wheel areas. This level of consideration can also be seen in the design of the retractable pull handles, not only in their generous and comfort-driven forms, but also in their rich depth of color, achieved through a two-shot molding process.

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