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A lifeline when it matters most

Keeping in touch when there’s no communications infrastructure is critical for disaster response, forest fire control, and military operations. GoTenna needed to build a powerful, reliable, off-grid comm in a package a fraction of the size and weight of existing systems.

The goTenna Pro is the world’s smallest, lightest, most affordable tactical mesh networking radio, and it works with any smartphone. The design and functionality are inspired by the needs of the rescuers and emergency workers who put it to work in the most demanding conditions.


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Powerful, reliable, off-grid comms in a package a fraction the size and weight of existing systems

— TechCrunch

Ultimate security

The goTenna Pro is designed and engineered for ultimate water/dust/impact-proof durability (MILSPEC/IP68); has swappable antennas; and the most powerful and private mesh-networking for text-based convos and off-grid geo-tagging, without WiFi or cell service.

Pensa go Tenna Pro lifestyle
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Small and mighty

The goTenna Pro is 12X lighter and 10X smaller than communication systems previously on the market. goTenna Pro represents a true paradigm shift for tactical communications. This is all compactly concealed within the smallest, lightest, sleekest, design of anything within the category.

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Pensa go Tenna Pro lifestyle2
Pensa go Tenna Pro emergency
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