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goTenna Mesh

Stay connected even off grid

Mesh networking allows a group of users to privately and automatically relay messages through other devices to extend beyond the point to point range, even when not in range of cellular or satellite service.

The goTenna Mesh is a sleek, lightweight device that pairs with a user’s smartphone and keeps their group connected through fully encrypted location sharing, and messaging when venturing off grid – anywhere in the world.


  • FastCompany Innovation by Design - 2017
  • Core77 Design Awards - 2017
  • IDSA - 2016


Industrial Design
Packaging Design
Mechanical Engineering

The first consumer-friendly device for a reliable off-grid peer-to-peer communication network

— Vice

Approachable strength

With the goTennna Mesh, we evolved the bold, confident and linear design language that we established with the original goTenna. Here we added softness and approachability to the compact form, reinforcing the notions of network and community. The stronger the community, the stronger the functionality.

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Building a family of products

Pensa is fortunate to have worked with goTenna to craft the design language story and industrial designs for the original goTenna, goTenna Mesh and goTenna Pro. We believe that the product is the brand, and its design must embody the brand’s attributes and personality, making a physical connection between those elements for the people using it.

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Pensa go Tenna Mesh Sketches
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goTenna Mesh Credits

: professional photography and videography provided by goTenna

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