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Street Charge

Charging stations powered by sun and community

Beaches. Public parks. Boardwalks. Often our shared community spaces lack outlets or any existing power infrastructure.

Street Charge is the first solar-powered mobile charging station. Designed with community and public spaces in mind, it provides free and reliable charging entirely off the grid and in an elegant package.


  • FastCompany Innovation by Design - 2014
  • IDSA Finalist - 2014
  • Architizer A+ Judge's Choice Award: Products - Landscapes - 2014


Design Strategy
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Manufacturing Liaison
Sourcing / Production Support

with Street Charge, the Dumbo-based studio has certainly produced something befitting of the word "elegant"

— The Verge

An icon for solar power

Pensa was inspired to create something of value for the community, especially after witnessing the power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy. Street Charge was conceptualized, designed and developed by Pensa, then brought to life with Goal Zero and AT&T as partners. Street Charge was initially deployed throughout NYC and can now be found worldwide.

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Pensa Street Charge Context
Pensa Street Charge Context3

Off the grid

From beaches to parks to college campuses and beyond, many of these public areas lack outlets or any existing power infrastructure. Street Charge is able to provide reliable and free recharging at these transient locations.

Street Charge 16x9

A powerful gesture

Pensa designed Street Charge to celebrate harnessing the power of the sun through its proud, linear stance, and the way the solar panels reaching toward the light. The industrial organic design language of Street Charge strikes a balance between the built environment of public spaces and nature.

Pensa Street Charge Collage2
Pensa Street Charge Process3
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