DI Wire Pro Pensa 2

D.I.Wire Pro

A more powerful, compact CNC wire bender

While prototyping at PENSA we realized that there was no CNC benchtop solution to bending metal rod or wire. Our 3D printers built volumes, our laser cutter cut plains, but we had no fast and repeatable benchtop solution for bending lines. We started from scratch; designing, engineering and producing the machine and its software.

The D.I.Wire Pro is the newest and most powerful benchtop CNC wire bender designed and developed by Pensa Labs. The wire bender offers the kind of power, speed, and precision that professionals need. Fully configurable and affordable, the D.I.Wire Pro solves the prototyping or small batch production needs of craftsmen everywhere.


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What blew me away about the D.I.Wire Pro was the consistency of the bends

— Dustin Penner, Craftsman

Precision and control

The bending mechanism delivers smooth, tight radius curves — from fine orthodontic retainer wire to stainless steel parts. Bend any wire material between 0.027” (0.7mm) to 0.188” (4.8mm), bend strap, add a straightener & other accessories to optimize production.

DI Wire Pro Pensa 3

Wireware 2.0

The D.I.Wire Pro comes with its own smart bending software, Wireware 2.0, designed and developed by Pensa. The software is easy to use and allows for high level of control when needed. Wireware 2.0 offers two ways to produce bent shapes: In Path mode, graphically create shapes or import SVG files. In Script Mode, create complex programs using conversational script or G-code.

Cnc wire former diwire pro

A family affair

The D.I.Wire Pro is the second product launched by Pensa Labs. It can be found on our website along side our original product, the D.I.Wire Plus.

Pensa DI Wire Pro Pro Plus
D Iwire Pro Process
Pensa DI Wire Pro Process4

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