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Making labs more efficient

Lab technicians need liquid agitators that offer adjustable settings and angles. In the past, these devices have had a lack of adjustable settings or a large footprint.

The Labnet Tube Rotator is the first continuously adjustable laboratory liquid agitator. It features a split platform, which allows technicians to adjust the agitation angles as desired. This revolutionary design became Labnet’s fastest selling product.


  • Good Design - 2008
  • MDEA - 2008


Design Strategy
Industrial Design
Mechanical Engineering
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A smarter solution for labs

The Tube Rotator is used by lab technicians in life science research, clinical and diagnostic laboratories for mixing liquid samples inside of test tubes. The winged rotisserie plates rotate on a horizontal axis and can be freely adjusted along its perpendicular axis. For the technician this means that you can get any level of agitation that is desired without the use of tools – from gentle rolling to vigorous tumble.

Delivering fast & reliable results

The Tube Rotator was designed to have an easy and versatile agitation adjustment. It comes with six plates that hold most vial diameters and lengths, making the proper sample preparation simple and quick. The device is a compact, portable instrument that can be easily transported from bench to cold room, incubator, or biological hood. It can simultaneously test different vial sizes and different agitations states so that sample testing can be performed with efficiency and speed.

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