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One Drop

Empow­er­ment at your fingertips

The long-accepted experience of managing diabetes with a blood glucose meter has been a complex, clunky experience that only serves to remind users of sickness. One Drop and

PENSA looked to empower users, making the management of diabetes an integral part of their lifestyle. Designed to motivate users, while promoting mindfulness, One Drop overhauls the design of traditional glucose meters to address the emotional component of being dependent on a medical device, providing a beautiful, modern design that can be used with pride.


  • Core77 Design Award - 2017


Industrial Design
Packaging Design
Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Liaison
Sourcing / Production Support

a simple, smart and elegant - yes, elegant - glucose monitor

— Wired

Keeps pace with you

The Bluetooth connected meter, and its accompanying kit, makes logging simple with everything stored securely and automatically in the One Drop Mobile app. Review your tracking and progress, gain powerful, personal insight into food and lifestyle choices, connect with the One Drop community and get advice from an expert all at your fingertips.

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Every last detail

The team at Pensa worked hand in hand with the One Drop team, considering every element of the product experience starting with the first moment the One Drop box is opened. Empowerment and encouragement is designed into every last detail to reinforce the message of the One Drop brand.

Pensa One Drop Final
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Pensa One Drop Process

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