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Bringing insights to naptime

Cameras can provide parents a view of their baby’s crib, and apps can help new parents track their baby’s sleep. The missing link was a computer vision and machine-learning powered camera that could provide a bird’s eye view along with sleep analysis, personalized tips, & immediate alerts.

PENSA designed Nanit to be an elegant and inviting addition to a nursery. It’s smooth and seamless form floats silently above the crib, providing caregivers with an aerial view of their baby’s activities. Nanit helps users understand - and improve - their baby’s sleep development, all in a streamlined, nursery-friendly product experience.


  • Good Design Award - 2016


Industrial Design
Packaging Design
Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Liaison
Sourcing / Production Support

The Nanit looks great and is easy to install

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Enhancing quiet time

The Nanit system is designed to help caregivers set a calm and soothing tone for the nursery. It incorporates a soft, functional light that glows through the top surface. Enough light to attend to your baby while maintaining a sleep friendly environment.

Nanit Pensa 1
Pensa Nanit

Adapts to your family

Nanit is designed to adjust to the changing needs of a family. The Floor Stand and Wall Mount provide the optimal viewing angle and security, while the Multi-Stand can be used for travel and can eventually become a home monitor for the family down the road. In addition, the Nanit system was designed for incredibly easy set up and to meet the highest safety standards.

Pensa Nanit table
Nanit Wall 4

Parent tested

The entire Nanit experience is optimized for simplicity and ease of use. The camera and its stand and mount system were iteratively designed, evolved and tested with parents, ensuring that the experience of setting-up and using Nanit is intuitive and reassuring.

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Pensa Nanit sketches
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: professional photography and videography

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