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Branch & Vine for Cintas

Modern home décor built for commercial environments

With Branch & Vine for Cintas we were challenged to create a new brand built on elegant, high-quality product experiences and suited for the hospitality industry. The solution steps away from an industrial look and focuses on welcoming, warm and natural finishes while also improving product features and hygiene. The new brand further delivers on this sophisticated solution with its refined, consistent elements.


Design Strategy
Industrial Design
Packaging Design
Manufacturing Liaison
Sourcing / Production Support
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PENSA brought all of our restroom dreams to reality

— Megan Helms, Senior Manager, Product Development at Cintas

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Luxury in the Restroom

Tasked with understanding the needs of organizational stakeholders as well as customers, we took a strategic and research-driven approach. Following along on route rides provided unique insights into the customer needs as well as the needs of service reps as they move throughout various hospitality environments each day. The Branch & Vine brand and collection was developed from the ground up, working closely with Cintas, for businesses looking to provide their customers with an authentic and graceful impression. The design communicates a premium, natural, and gentle look and feel. The product line consists of soap and lotion bottles, towel dispensers, a facial tissue dispenser, a toilet paper roll dispenser and caddy, an air freshener, and a trash bin.

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Better functionality and hygiene

Functional innovations allow for different configurations suitable for a variety of space and venue needs. The designs incorporate a simple 90 degree bayonet lock to provide consistent orientation and theft protection.

Trays allow for drip catch and the rich material creates a beautiful presentation. The passive air freshener uses unique scented gypsum beads. This creates a sophisticated, layered look and feel with the resin base and tinted and frosted translucent body. The lid opening provides air flow and prevents users from touching the beads.

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