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A new brand for the DIYers

Mr.Longarm – the leading maker of extension poles and other painting tools – recognized a need in the marketplace for tools designed specifically with the needs of outdoor wood staining in mind. They came to PENSA to design a new line of tools with DIYers in mind.

WoodMates is the first suite of reusable padded tools designed exclusively for the unique functional needs of DIYers in this space. We designed a complete brand experience to address these needs, inventing a new line of tools and designing the logo and packaging system.


Design Strategy
Industrial Design
Packaging Design
Mechanical Engineering
Manufacturing Liaison
Sourcing / Production Support

PENSA's expertise in research, design and engineering has been a tremendous asset in helping us bring new products to market.


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Unique tools for unique tasks

In the case of deck staining, one size does not fit all. The line includes a contour tool for detailed work on curved surfaces, stain applicators with a detailed end to apply between the long cracks and a double-end detail tool for all of those hard to reach spots.

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Built to Last

WoodMates uses new, durable and reusable materials for the staining pads resulting in greater functionality and sustainability.

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The full package

New functionality requires bold and clear branding and packaging that communicates the solutions provided by the system.

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