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Re-imagining Public Transit for NYC and beyond

The Future of Mass Transit

For all the concerns about crowds in enclosed spaces—and knowing the technologies that exist today—why is the subway station still stuck underground? We conceived a plan to turn the Covid-19 era into an opportunity to rethink city design and transform transit for the better: Street-level subway stations, platforms and plazas.


Design Strategy
Industrial Design
User Experience Design - UI/UX

The studio's open-air concept is certainly a redesign that would be welcome due to the risk of infection waiting for the train in an indoor station

— Core77

Station 1

Wellness while waiting

Street-level stations will connect pedestrians to subways, buses, taxis/car sharing and bike sharing into one open-air waiting area. This will provide the first-ever seamless experience across all modes of urban transportation.

Station 3

Stay connected & comfortable

Busier stops and hubs require more space for open air waiting. Street-level Platforms will elevate the experience and offer WIFI connected outdoor lounges to work and wait, complete with inviting easy-to-clean furniture.

Platform A
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Accessible modes of transport

The ultimate realization of the new open-air transit system is the Street-level Plaza. These inspiring spaces will include even more lounge seating and have multiple areas to access transportation, becoming welcomed outdoor spots to shop, eat or pickup from local restaurants—while you wait

Plaza 3
Plaza 2

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